5 Virtual Interview Tips for Teachers

Mar, 28, 2020

Virtual interviews for teachers may be a new experience for some, but they don’t have to be any more stressful than your typical teacher interview if you’re prepared. Check out the blog post and get your FREE Teacher Interview Cheat Sheet to get everything you need for your big day! #virtualinterview #teachervirtualinterview

Virtual interviews have become more prevalent in the educational world, especially now. I did my first virtual interview in 2015; I was living in Chicago and was hoping to move back to Dallas. So, I started applying to various schools in the Dallas area, and eventually, I snagged an interview and got the job.

During my last job search, I did a few virtual interviews for districts as screeners. The screeners were available for administrators throughout the district, and admin would watch to screen who they wanted to meet in-person. I prepared for my official interview and screener interviews in the same way. Use the following tips to ensure your next virtual experience is a success!

Dress Professionally

Yes, it’s online, and all the interview panel will be able to see is your top. But, dressing professionally from head to toe helps put you into character. Although it seems like your interview is casual, it’s not. It’s still essential that you look the part. And what happens if you have to stand up?

Find a Quiet Place

For me, it’s easy because I’m single with no kids. I only have to mute my television and silence my phone. But most of you have children, pets, or other family members that live with you that would make finding a quiet place much harder. Make your kids go outside, give them a device, or put on their favorite movie. Pets should be out of view, lock the door or give them their favorite treats lol. The adults in your house should be much easier to convince. Should be lol.

Virtual Interview Checklist & Organizer for Teachers

Find A Well Lit Area

The panel needs to be able to see you! Set up where you are facing a window. The back of the computer should face the window. Add more lighting if it’s not a sunny day. If you can’t set up near a window, bring in extra lamps.

Keep Notes Nearby

One of the advantages of doing a virtual interview is that you can have notes for your talking points nearby. During interviews, I get so nervous I forget things that I want to share. Don’t write paragraphs, but jot down notes to help you remember your talking points. If you grab the How to Land Your Dream Teaching Job Workbook, you’ll have answers to the frequently asked questions already planned out.

Take notes

If this is your first virtual interview, it may make you more nervous than usual. You’ll probably forget important topics you discussed shortly after your meeting. So, during the interview, you’ll want to take notes. Why? Because when you follow up, you’ll want to mention topics that were discussed. For example, if they said they were looking for someone who is a team player and works well with others, then you’ll want to mention that in your follow up letter or email.

The panel will conduct tons of interviews for positions throughout their campus, your job is to stand out and make them remember you.

Virtual interviews may be a new experience for some, but they don’t have to be any more stressful than your typical interview if you’re prepared. Get your FREE Virtual Interview Checklist to prepare for your big day!

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