• Long Distance Running Must Haves

    Long Distance Running Tips

    Long Distance Running Tips

    If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I started training for the Dallas BMW Half Marathon in late July. It’s been a challenging journey, and now that I’m towards the end, I wanted to share some of my long-distance running must-haves. These things have helped make my long-distance running experience safer and more comfortable.

    Body Glide– This has been the newest addition to my list. A few weeks ago, I started chafing on one of my shorter runs (6 miles). Yeah…I never want to experience that again. I used it for a 10-mile run and had no issues. 

    Compression Socks- When I ran the Tour De Fleurs Quarter Marathon, I felt a little rub in my shoes that I knew could eventually cause some problems. I knew I had to dump the Hanes and upgrade to something better. And I fell in love as soon as I put them on! I literally wear them around the house sometimes just because they make my feet feel so good!

    Gu Energy Gels– Gels work best for me to keep me fueled up on my longer runs. I tried them out with shorter runs near my home first, because fuel supplements can do different things to people, specifically stomach things lol. 

    Running Belt– I keep all my odds and ends in my belt. My favorite part about this one is that it comes with two water bottles. One holds water, and the other has my electrolyte water.

    Nuun Sport Electrolyte Tablets– These are my two favorite flavors that help keep me hydrated. I use the Lemon Chamomile flavor for after-workouts. 

    Cap Light– This light is so I can see during my early morning runs. I know there are brighter ones out there, but this worked well for me. I could see a safe distance in front of me without blinding passing runners. The light can also fold down so you can clip it to your running belt too!

    Safety Lights– These lights are so bikers and other runners can see me. When it’s pitch black, you need all the light you can get!

    Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments! Happy running!