3 Ways Teachers Can Attend a Job Fair Like a Boss

Feb, 18, 2020

Get the teacher job fair tips you need to get ready for your teacher interview. Be prepared for teacher interview questions and be prepared to answer. Learn how you can attend a teacher job fair like a boss with these three tips! #teacherinterview #teacherjobfair #teacherinterviewquestions #teacherinterviewquestionsandanswers

Do you love going to job fairs? I know they can be stressful, but they’re the best way to practice your interviewing skills.

A lot of people go into job fairs thinking that they are at the mercy of the employers. If you go into a job fair with a plan, you’ll be in control.

There are three things you must-do if you want to take the lead. How do I know? Because I’ve done it all and secured a position after the fair! Now, check out how you can attend a job fair like a boss!

Research the Districts and Schools That Will Be There

I’ve never attended a job fair and didn’t know what districts would be there. Sometimes, the organizer was super specific and notified us of the schools that would be in attendance too. But, I’m willing to bet you can at least find the districts. 

Next, research each district, and decide which districts fit your needs. You should not meet with every district just because they’re there, it is not a good use of your time, and it’s mentally draining! Find the ones that are a good fit for you! If you need help figuring out what makes a school a good fit, check out my How to Land Your Dream Job Workbook!

Once you find schools that pique your interests, be prepared to tell administrators why you would be a good fit for their campus. Do your research and be as specific as possible!

VIrtual Interview Checklist & Organizer for Teachers

Make an Introduction Script

Schools are going to ask you over and over, “tell me about yourself.” So, make a mini script of what you’ll say. There’s no need to fumble over your basic introduction when you know it’s coming!

Prepare a one-minute introduction that includes your years of experience and your strengths. If you know what schools will be there, tailor your script to each school, let them know why you’re an excellent candidate! You know this question is coming, as Mufasa would say, be prepared!

Take Notes

After you meet with each administrator, take notes of your conversation. You’ll talk with so many people you won’t remember everyone and everything. By taking notes after each informal interview, you’ll not only keep everyone organized; you’ll have specific things to mention when you follow up with the schools of your choice.

There’s a way to make sure you have a successful time at a job fair. Follow the tips above, and you’ll find your email full of requests and your phone blowing up for formal interviews. 

These tips are just the tip of the iceberg; I can help you prepare even further with my How to Land Your Dream Teaching Job Workbook! This workbook is a must-have if you’re searching for a new job!


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