How Elementary teachers can remotely differentiate Reading Using Raz-Kids

Apr, 02, 2020


Are you looking for a way to differentiate your reading class remotely? It is possible with Learning A-Z’s Raz-Kids.

If your school does not have a subscription, that’s okay! The Learning A-Z family is offering free subscriptions for the rest of the school year. Raz-Kids is an excellent way to differentiate reading in your digital classroom! Keep reading to find out why.

You Can Assign Leveled Books

I’m sure you know all about Learning A-Z’s printable books. But, you can assign those same books digitally. I like to assign books below, on, and above students’ reading levels. By assigning multiple levels, you give students more opportunities to practice, which results in student growth.

You Can Assign Audiobooks

Raz-Kids gives you an option that allows the program to read books to students. I love using this feature because, when I assign books that are above their reading level, it will enable the students to hear and see all the words first. As the computer reads the book, each word is highlighted so the students can easily follow along.

You Can Assign Running Records

If you want to check your students’ progress, then you can assign running records. Once you assign the running record, it goes straight to the student. When the student gets the assessment, they will record themselves reading the book or passage, and then it gets sent back to you! I have a YouTube Tutorial if you want to check it out!

You Can Assign Sight Word Testing

Have you’ve been working on sight words this year? Well, you can still have students practice their words. Give them the words you want them to practice and then assign them a High-Frequency Word Assessment to track students’ progress.

You Can Address Foundational Skills

If this unexpected break in school interrupted your phonic lessons, use Raz to keep going. There are books for decoding, letter recognition, and other phonic skills.

You Can Assign Fluency Practice

What elementary teacher isn’t looking for fluency practice? If you’re looking for an opportunity to have students to practice fluency, you can assign poems, songs, and rhyming books.

Student growth doesn’t have to stop. Check out my Raz-Kids tutorials to see if it’s the program for you (I already know it is).


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Melissa Nikohl

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    January 23, 2021

    Hi, Thank you for sharing it. Reading is important in learning. How to attract students’ attention is kind of difficult; however, Razkids is a great tool to use in catching their attention. Besides Razkid, I also use Beestar for my son. It has more critical reasoning questions in reading that my son really enjoys.

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