First, I want to learn about you…

  • Do you love your school?
  • Do you respect your administration?
  • Does your administration respect you?
  • Do you love walking into work?
  • Do you get the support you need to get your kiddos to grow?
  • When was the last time you spoke positively about your school?

Does this sound familiar?

  • You sit in your car in the morning and have to drag yourself inside.
  • You can feel the negativity when you walk through the building.
  • Your administration expects you to work a miracle with your students without any support.
  • Your parents fail to show up to parent-teacher conferences.
  • There is no room for growth at your school.
  • Your school does the same professional development each year.
  • Your administration doesn’t trust their teachers.
  • You are being micromanaged.
  • You are being bullied by your administration.
  • You go home feeling drained daily.
  • You are drowning in so much unnecessary paperwork you have to take work home.
  • Your campus “trains” you on a new technique every month with no time to implement.



What you want From a school…

  • You want to love your school so that the bad days don’t seem that bad. 
  • You want administration that treats you as a professional and trusts you to do your job.
  • You want the school work to as a team to prevent and close gaps. 
  • You want an administration that differentiates the needs of their staff.
  • A positive work environment.
  • You want to see parents busting down the doors to attend school events. 
  • You want a where school you have an opportunity to grow. 
  • You want a school with a clear vision.
  • You’re not looking for perfection, just a school where you can focus on what you love to do. TEACH!

How do I know this is You?

I have been there! Good and bad. I’ve had principals that are bullies. I’ve worked in districts where I realized I couldn’t grow. I have been micromanaged to death. I’ve had students that were so low I didn’t know where to start to help them grow! I’ve had low turnout to parent-teacher conferences.

Most of us all want the same thing and I’m here to help!

Here’s how I can help you…

I can help you Land your Dream job By…

  • Showing you how standout from other applicants
  • Helping you prepare for your interview
  • Helping you identify a school that meets your wants and needs
  • Helping you identify a professional administration team
  • Helping you get through a tiring and toxic school ye

I can help you Grow your students to their fullest potential By…

  • Showing you how to meet the cultural needs of your kiddos
  • Helping you increase your parent involvement
  • Showing you how to build positive relationships with your kiddos
  • Showing you how to build confidence in your learners
  • Showing you how to grow your learners who are grade levels behind

Who am I?

  • I am a public school educator in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area.
  • I am an advocate for parents and students.
  • I am officially a veteran educator, I’ve been teaching for 11 years. 
  • I am an educator that values my personal time.
  • I am a budding yogi.
  • I am a chai tea lover! The real stuff, not that concentrated stuff.
  • Here at, you will find tips and tools that will help you become a stronger educator. 
  • I also love creating content! If you’re a website owner, check out! I have a bunch of tools and resources just for you!
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