Really Cool Picture Books About Animals

Jul, 07, 2020

What kid doesn't like animals? This list of books are kid approved list that will engage any reader! Read these books are good enough to read at home or in your class! #classroombooks

What kid doesn’t like books about animals? I haven’t met a single one. This list contains some of the most engaging animal books I’ve used in my classroom!

I will update this list as I find more books! Follow me on Instagram to get updates and ideas for other picture books! If there’s a book you think I should add, comment below!

This book list is all about animals, but if you are looking for diverse picture books then you should check out The Ultimate List of Diverse Picture Books. There are over 250 books to use in classroom and home libraries. 

Are you looking for diverse picture books to add to your classroom or home library? This list of diverse picture books is perfect for you! #diversepicturebooks

Just a friendly reminder, I am an Amazon Affiliate, so if you decided to use the links below to purchase the books, I do get a commission. The price of the books does not change for you. ❤️

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If Sharks Disappeared

by Lily Williams

If you’re doing a unit or study of saving the environment or predators and prey, this is a great book to include.

If  Sharks Disappeared explains why we need sharks and how we all benefit from them. This is also a great book to use to introduce new science vocabulary. Bookshop Affiliate Link

What Do They Do with All That Poo? by Jane Kurtz

Prepared for your kids to be grossed out! But they will love it!  What Do They Do with All That Poo? shares all the information you maybe didn’t want to know about how some animals go number 2. This is a must read! It is sooooo fun! Bookshop Affiliate Link

When Sue Found Sue: Sue Hendrickson Discovers Her T. Rex by Toni Buzzeo

I enjoyed this book because I have a personal connection to SUE the T-Rex.

I’ve seen SUE the Tyrannosaurus Rex several times as a kid when visiting my dad in Chicago.⁣

While digging around in South Dakota in 1990, Sue Hendrickson found SUE.⁣

If you read this book to your students or children, go to The Field Museum’s website to check out SUE. Bookshop Affiliate Link

Give Bees a Chance by Bethany Barton

Give Bees a Chance is always a hit because kids love talking about bees!
Before we read, I always ask  my students to share their stories about getting stung by a bee! My students love to talk about themselves (and who doesn’t), so it is a great way to get them to make an instant connection to the book. 
Give Bees a Chance gives the reader information about bees and why they are important to the environment. Bookshop Affiliate Link

If Elephants Disappeared by Lily Williams

Over the years I have really loved learning about elephants. They are intelligent and beautiful animals.

If Elephants Disappeared gives facts about elephants and explains how hunters are on track to forcing these animals into extinction. 

This is another great book to discuss saving the environment and protecting animals. If you like this series, check out If Polar Bears Disappeared. Bookshop Affiliate Link

Surprising Sharks by Nicola Davies

If you’re looking for book with a variety of different species of sharks, this is the book for you!

Surprising Sharks not only gives the reader facts about the different kinds of sharks, the author does an amazing job of explaining why humans should not be afraid of sharks. Sharks should be afraid of humans. This book is always a hit. Bookshop Affiliate Link


Hippos Are Huge! by Jonathan London

In Hippos Are Huge the reader learns how fast hippos can run, their mating rituals, how they fight, why they “yawn” and more!⁣

This is another great animal book to add to your list. Bookshop Affiliate Link

How to Survive As a Firefly by Kristen Foote

In How to Survive As a Firefly, a group of larvae gets schooled by an adult firefly on how to survive.⁣⁣
If your students or child is a fan of bugs, this is an excellent book that teaches the life cycle, metamorphosis, anatomy, and physiology. ⁣⁣

FYI, we call them lightning bugs in the Midwest lol.  Bookshop Affiliate Link

The Very Impatient Caterpillar by Ross Burach

The Very Impatient Caterpillar is the perfect book to teach the life cycle of the butterfly. The book includes all the key vocabulary and entertaining dialogue to keep kids engaged! Bookshop Affiliate Link

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