Fiction Novels by Black Women

Mar, 15, 2022

Fiction Novels BY Black Women

If you’re looking for some great books to add to your to-read book stack, these fiction books by Black women are the perfect books to add to your list. On this list, you’ll find drama, mystery, short stories, and some addictive chick-lit. 

If you have any recommendations, drop them in the comments! I always love growing my to-read list!

Just a friendly reminder, I am an Amazon and Bookshop Affiliate, so if you decided to use the links below to purchase the books, I do get a commission. The price of the books does not increase for you. ❤️

Black Cake

I loved this novel! It was a mixture of The Joy Luck Club and The Vanishing Half. Both are books that I love. Black Cake will wrap you up in this Caribbean family’s drama. Amazon Link

Black Girls Must Be Magic

The sequel to Black Girls Must Die Exhausted does not disappoint. Tabitha Walker returns and we find her life is just a little more complicated than it was before. But, complicated doesn’t always mean bad. This is the perfect follow-up to Black Girls Must Die Exhausted.  Amazon Link


This one right here, whew! I’m not going to lie, it started a little slow for me. But, once it took off it took off! Adult friendships can be hard and Wahala shows how messy they can get. This book is full of twists and turns with an unexpected ending. Bookshop Link / Amazon Link



The Secret Lives of Church Ladies

This collection of short stories came highly recommended by my book-loving friends, so I had to check it out. Within the first few pages, I realized this book is for adults for real lol. Some of the stories are sexually explicit, but This probably isn’t a book I would have picked up on my own, but I’m glad I read it. Amazon Link

All Her Little Secrets

Ellice Littlejohn is the only Black lawyer at her company and one more she arrives to find her boss dead. And every piece of her life unravels after her discovery. This mystery/thriller novel will keep you on your toes until the very end. Amazon Link

Ties That Tether

If this novel isn’t chick-lit, I don’t know what is. But, I loved it. Azere is a Nigerian woman that is deeply attracted to a man that is the complete opposite of her family’s culture. I normally don’t do chick-lit, but this was good…real good. Amazon Link

Nobody’s Magic

Nobody’s Magic tells three stories about Black Southern women with albinism. Each story is different but equally powerful. We get to meet dependent Suzette, traumatized Maple, and magical Agnes. You’ll enjoy reading about how these women come into their true selves. Amazon Link

Seven Days in June 

Seven Days in June reminded me of Love Jones, but much better. The issues I’ve always had with Love Jones are non-existent in this book. Old flames get rekindled in this complicated love story. Amazon Link

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