3 Reasons Why Unhappy Teachers Don’t Leave Their Schools

Dec, 16, 2019

3 Reasons Why Unhappy Teachers Don't Leave Their Schools

I believe there are three reasons why some teachers who don’t like their school won’t leave. If you’re here, then you’re probably one of the two I can help. The other type of teacher isn’t ready to find a way out.

Check out some reasons why unhappy teachers don’t leave their schools and then grab my free tools to help you get ready for the search.

They Think they don’t have time to Search for a New Job

I used to dread looking for a new job. After a long day at school, the last thing I wanted to do was update my resume and fill out applications. There is a lot of work to do, and it is usually during the busiest time of year for us when positions begin opening up. Going home and doing more work isn’t appealing.

The problem is unless you do the work, you’ll be stuck in the same miserable place next year. You do have the time to get prepared for your search. You have to make some sacrifices and make it a priority.

In my blog post, HOW TEACHERS CAN PREPARE FOR THEIR JOB SEARCH IN 7 DAYS OR LESS I give you tips to make the application process less cumbersome.

They’re Scared of Change

I’ve seen so many strong, amazing, and marketable teachers get stuck at schools that they hate because they are afraid of change. I’ve seen and heard every excuse of why some teachers won’t leave a school that is making them unhappy.

Many teachers are fearful that they can end up at a school that is the same or worse than their current school. It’s the same reason why some people stay in bad relationships. They rather have someone, even if they mistreat them then be alone. These teachers will sacrifice their happiness for fear.

What these teachers don’t know is they are now an expert on what schools shouldn’t do. These teachers probably have perfect solutions to problems that many other schools have, and they could use those skills somewhere they’d be appreciated. These teachers are usually some of the best teachers on campus. Many unhappy teachers thrive when they find a school that values them.

They’re Okay with Being Unhappy

Remember, I said there is one group of teachers that I can’t help? These are the teachers. I’m sure you’ve met a teacher or two that complains non-stop about your school but has been there for years. They’ve watched the district change. They’ve seen principals and teachers come and go.

Guys, these teachers aren’t going anywhere. There are some miserable people out there, and some of them are in classrooms. Yes, there are different reasons why some teachers may be unhappy. Depression is real. But, I’m talking about the educators who will take being unhappy over finding something better.

Some of these teachers don’t leave because they know most schools wouldn’t tolerate their nonsense. They know they’re able to get away with things they couldn’t anywhere else. These are the toxic teachers you don’t want to be near.

I’m hoping that you are the teacher that is overwhelmed and thinks they don’t have time to apply to schools, or you are the scared teacher. If you’re one of those teachers, I can help you land your dream job. Check out the resources and blog posts below!


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