Tips For Veteran Teachers Teaching Remotely

Aug, 04, 2020

Are you a veteran teacher? Are you looking for tips to help you teach remotely? Check out this blog post to help all veteran teachers teach virtually. #remoteteaching #virtualteaching

If I can vent to you real quick, COVID has destroyed my blogging plans. Last year, I made tons of back to school content that I planned to reuse this school year. When I created the videos, blog posts, and tutorials, I thought it would be seasonal content that will never not (double negative to emphasize my confidence 🤣) be relevant.

Welp. We know how that turned out. 

I’m telling you this because we are used to things being done a certain way at the beginning of the school year. But everything has changed. Everything is new. 

Here are three things that ALL veteran teachers need to know, including me.

We are all new; let go of what you’ve always done.

We are all new; be open to learning.

We are all new; be okay with being new again.

I know in a traditional class setting, we know how to get things done. We know how to kick off the school year. We are experts at back to school night. 

But, guys, this school year, we are not the experts. We are not veterans; we are all new. 

We have to humble ourselves and be open to learning new things. 

We have to complain less.

We have to be flexible.

We have to share what we learn.

We have to support each other.

We have to be okay with making mistakes.

We have to create better relationships with parents.

We have to be considerate.

We have to be understanding.

We have to be less critical.

We have to be safe.

A year ago, if you told me we would be starting the school year online due to a pandemic, I would have called you a big fat liar and called you crazy. Heck, if you told me this in February, I would have laughed in your face.

The wonderful thing about being a veteran during this time is that we have years of experience of being flexible and taking whatever comes at us and making it great. 

We will all make this the best school year we can. 

Take care y’all.


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