8 Tools That All Teacher Bloggers Need

May, 18, 2020

Are you a new teacher blogger? Do you want to start a Teacher YouTube Channel? Do you want to become a Teacher Influencer on Instagram? If you're an educator wanting to share your thoughts and expertise about teaching online, you need these tools. These tools will help you stand out in the teacher blogger/vlogger world! Find out what tools you need to make your content reach a larger audience! #teacherblog #teacherblogger #teachervlog #teachervlog


Hey teacher friends! This blog post is all about the tools and resources you need to help you create content your audience wants! 

Before we get started, I want you to know that this post contains affiliate links! Using them throws a little change in my pocket, at no cost to you! What you choose to do is your business (in my Tabitha Brown voice).

Let’s dive right in!


An Email List

If your main way to communicate with your audience is on social media, you need an email list. Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc., are all rented spaces. You don’t own your follower list. If your account gets hacked or if a platform goes down, you won’t have access to your audience. The audience you spent years building.

This is why you need an email list; it’s yours! Nobody can take it from you. Even if you decide to change email providers, you can take your list with you. 

I recently switched to ConvertKit, and I love it. It’s a user-friendly platform that makes sending out emails simple. Any email service provider will do, but Convert Kit is the provider I’m loving right now!


Extra Lighting

Not everyone has access to natural lighting in their home. If you work on videos after work, the time you have left to film with natural light is limited. Eventually, you’ll need lighting.

If you want something small for an occasional video or if you’re looking for portable lighting, grab this 8″ Selfie Ring Light. It comes with a remote, that comes in handy when there’s no one around to take your pics!

If you’re making videos regularly, you need the Neewer Ring Light. It’s priced cheaper than the name brand version, but it gives off enough light to help you make quality videos and take amazing pictures. I took the picture below with an iPhone 7 and the Neewer Ring Light!


A Microphone

If you are making videos(and you absolutely should be), you need a microphone. A mic automatically levels up your video! I use Rode VideoMicro Compact On-Camera Microphone.

It comes with a withshield, which is great to help block out noises coming from your ceiling fan and air conditioner. Just listen to the difference.



Wherever you are posting content, you need quality images. Canva is the best graphic design platform for those who are not experts in the design world. The free version will make your work look amazing, but the paid version takes it to another level. If you can’t afford another subscription right now, put it on your list for the future. 


A Pinterest Business Account

All content creators need a Pinterest Business Account. If you don’t switch your personal account to business, you can’t see how well your content is doing. 

As educators, we are the queens and kings of data, Pinterest will give you data on all your pins, showing you which pins your audience loves. If your audience is sharing a pin like crazy, that’s a sign to make more content on that topic!

Bonus tip: Make sure you get their emails, they drop a lot of helpful tips to keep your account growing



The key to success on Pinterest is to share your content consistently. The problem is, nobody, especially teachers, has time to pin on Pinterest daily. 

Tailwind pins your content automatically! 

If you want to maximize your use of Pinterest, using Tailwind is a must. 



I use Grammarly for my Instagram captions, blog post, and YouTube descriptions. Basically, for everything. 

I’m a decent writer, but I still make plenty of mistakes. Grammarly helps me clean up my writing and makes it almost perfect. 


A Planner

Lastly, you need a planner to schedule all your fabulous posts. These blank planners by JSTORY are affordable and easy to use. I love that they don’t have months or dates so that you can buy them at any time of the year. 

I use all of these tools and it has made my experience as a teacher blogger more efficient. Follow me on Instagram and YouTube to see more of my content! 

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Melissa Nikohl

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