How Teachers Can Stay Healthy This School Year

May, 27, 2019

How Teachers Can Stay Healthy This School Year

As a teacher, your health has to be a priority. You cannot be the best educator for your students if you’re in poor health. When I think about being healthy, I think of being healthy mentally and physically. There are so many ways to help keep yourself healthy, but these are my top favorites.

Take at Least Two Mental Health Days Each School Year

Some teachers take a lot of days off from work, and then there are the ones who are always at work. I am that teacher who rarely takes a day off. When I first started teaching, I thought because we have so many breaks built in our schedule, I didn’t need to take days off. The longer I’ve taught, the more I understand the importance of a mental health day. Your mental health is just as crucial as your physical health. My first year teaching, I only took off for my grandmother’s funeral. I would be at work every day, I was miserable and having breakdowns. At first, taking a day off was a hard thing to do.   The first year I took one and the next year I took three. I now take three days every year. Taking mental health days will keep you mentally and emotionally healthy. If you are drained, there’s no way you’re going to deliver quality instruction. For your own sanity take at least two mental health days each school year

Take Vitamin C Daily

Kids are gross. They can’t help it, they just are. They don’t like washing their hands, some refuse to cover their mouth while coughing, others will sneeze without covering their mouths, and you’re sitting at your kidney table watching the germs fly. Vitamin C supplements are life-saving. My preference is AIrborne. If you know me personally you know, I swear by Airborne. It has helped prevent so many colds and if I do get sick, I get better in a flash. When my kiddos start getting sick, I start taking a couple of  Airborne a day. Taking Vitamin C regularly will prevent you from catching that cold that is going around the school.

Back to School Guide for Teachers

Disinfect The Classroom Every Two Weeks

I know some of you are thinking, that’s not my job. Some teachers look at me crazy when I’m in my classroom wiping down desk and doorknobs, but I swear this is what keeps me and my kiddos healthier. Every custodian I know works hard to keep the school clean, but they can’t do everything. And this is where we should step in to help them, ourselves, and our kiddos. Some districts have restrictions on the chemicals we can use so be mindful and do it after school so your room can air out.

Exercise At Least Three Days a Week

For some of us, working out is the last thing we want to do when we go home. But, working out is good for your mental and physical health. You don’t have to do CrossFit 5 days a week. Simply walking a few days a week has health benefits too! I enjoy walking, running, and yoga. I don’t want to be an athlete, I just want to be in good enough shape where I can run a few miles without stopping and walk up the three flights of stairs to my apartment without running out of breath.

Ladies and gents! Our health should be our priority. Mental and physical. Don’t feel bad for taking a few days off, we’ve earned all of them! When more than two of your kiddos are sick, start popping an extra vitamin C, preferably Airborne. If you care about your health and the people close to you, disinfect your classroom regularly. If your kiddos are getting sick, there is a high probability you will too, cleaning commonly touched areas will help a lot. And don’t forget to find a way to move your body at least three days a week. We have to take care of ourselves, our health is all we have. Don’t forget to grab your free Back to School Guide for Teachers. This guide will make sure you’re prepared for the new school year!

Melissa Nikohl

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