Book Gift Guide for Kids: Diverse Picture Books

Dec, 09, 2019

Diverse Picture Books

I love reading picture books to my students! Some are simple others have a lesson that even adults can use. In this blog post, I want to share with you an amazing collection of diverse picture books.

I recommend these books for students who are in 3rd grade or higher if they’re read independently. Of course, every child is unique, and some may be ready for reading for comprehension at an earlier age!

Just a friendly reminder, I am an Amazon Affiliate, so if you decided to use the links below  to purchase the books I do get a commission.

Crown: An Ode to The Fresh Cut By Derrick Barnes

This is one of my favorite books I read this year. As someone who frequents the barbershop, this book was super relatable. If you have a little one hesitant to go to the barbershop, this may be the book for you!

Martina the Beautiful Cockroach: A Cuban Folktale Retold By Carmen Agra Deedy

This is one of the cutest books I read all year! Martina, the Beautiful Cockroach, is a popular folktale in the Latinx community. Martina is ready to be married, and her grandmother tells her to do the coffee test to find the perfect mate! The coffee test is a test I may use in the near future lol! Guys, this really is a great book!

The Story of Chopsticks By Ying Chang Compestine

The Story of Chopsticks is a Chinese Folktale🥢about the creation of chopsticks, of course!⁣ A little boy struggles to find his place at the kitchen table until he finds a solution to his dinner problems!

Lucia the Luchadora By Cynthia Leonor Garza & Alyssa Bermudez

Luchadors are known to be mostly male, so when Lucia wants to be a Luchadora, the boys say that she should act like a girl. Lucia ends up saving the day, and she proves that girls are not just made of sugar and spice!

When Penny Met POTUS By Rachel Ruiz

Penny’s mom works at the White House and works for the POTUS!⁣

⁣When Penny gets an opportunity to go to work with her mom, and her #1 goal is to meet POTUS. Except she doesn’t know who they are. She spends the whole day searching for them and can only imagine who it is.⁣When she finally bumps into the POTUS, she can’t believe who she sees!

The Best Mariachi in the World By J.D. Smith

Everyone in Gustavo’s family is in their mariachi band, except him. ⁣⁣He feels like he’s an outcast. Gustavo gives up the idea of joining his family, and that is when he finds his way to be a part of the band.

Iqbal and His Ingenious Idea: How a Science Project Helps One Family & the Planet By Elizabeth Suneby

After Iqbal’s teacher announces there will be a class science fair, he goes straight home to develop a plan to win. With help from his sister, he makes an invention that makes him a top contender for first place but also helps his family during the never-ending monsoon season.

Thunderboy Jr.By Sherman Alexi

Thunderboy Jr. does not like his name! He wishes he had a normal name like his mother or sister. He wants a name that represents all the things he’s done and can do, a name that sounds more like him. By the end of the book, Thunderboy Jr. gets a name that is perfect for him.

Rainbow Weaver By Linda Elovitz Marshall & Elisa Chavarri

In Guatemala, weaving on backstrap looms is a tradition that Mayan women have done for years. Ixchel wants to follow in her family’s footsteps, but they think she is too young. Ixchel is determined to become a weaver and finds a way to weave while helping her family and the community.

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